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Combigas participated at CAHE 2018
Combigas was present at the CAHE 2018 exhibition in Chongqing, China from 18-20 May.
It was a very positv experience where we created great networks and introduced our biogas solutions.

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ComBigaS dimensioning, designs and builds biogas nationally and internationally.

Our expertise lies in sizing and designing facilities, then to build the biogas plant of a number of components that are best suited to each biogas plant. We are a non-producing activity and are therefore not restricted by having to fit and use own products in plants. We use proven technology, thereby providing our customers the best solution and the most reliable plants.

We work with companies who over many years have proven that their products can meet our requirements for durability and reliability. Our collaboration with a number of solid companies gives us the ability to respond quickly to the market demand.

Are you interested in hearing about the possibilities of setting up biogas plants, you are of course always welcome to contact us.

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Watch a video introduction on ComBigaS and one of our projects here: