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To our customers and partners!

Dec. 2016

Due to massive expansion and several new employees, ComBigaS has moved the main office to the city Give in Jutland.

We are happy to welcome you in our new main office and headquarter at Ryttervangen 11C, 7323 Give, Jutland, DK.

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The last news from Bronkhospruit Project in South Africa


Click on the picture and see the Progress Video #6 from the site 08-04-2015

See the latest pictures from the site in our photo gallery (Bio2Watt plant in South Africa)

A global explorative innovative partnership.
- Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley, ComBiGaS and master students within the field of Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School.

The first steps in a potentially fruitful partnership were taken Tuesday morning on the 17th of March as we got to interview Kent Skaanning, Klaus Høgh and Lars Byberg, whom enthusiastically and generously shared detailed information on visions, operations and technical specifications. Read the article HERE


Udklip 20

A new article about the Bronkhorstspruit biogas power plant in the Engineering News magazine

After several years of navigating project-threatening red tape and currency fluctuations, the 4.4 MW Bronkhorstspruit biogas power plant, which will supply clean energy to a leading automotive manufacturer in Gauteng, is expected to enter production before June.

Engineering News

Read the article HERE

Our new truck

En ny bil

Hemmet Bioenergy has invested in a new truck for transporting biomass.

A new project in Denmark

ComBigaS has signed a contract and will start construction of a new biogas plant in Rødkarsbro in Region Midtjylland, as soon as the environmental and building permits are obtained. The owner family Kuhr is planning to establish and operate biogas plant, which will purchase the wastes such as  cattle manure, deep litter, energy crops and other biomass (in total approx. 100 tons a day) and will produce about 4.6 mio. m³ biogas per year, which corresponds to 2.9 mio. m³ methane.





The last news from Bronkhorstspruit Project in South Africa

SA 05.02

Click on the picture and see the Progress Video #4 from the site 05-02-2015

See the latest pictures from the site in our gallery.



Nurney project in Ireland is completing the final tests and filling biomasses to be ready to start up during week 4

IMG_0481 l

A new project in France in colaboration with our French partner Kerboas.

Udklip for hjemmeside Udklip 2 Kerboas

ComBigaS has started a construction of a new biogas plant "Earl Thouly" in France, together with our partner Kerboas. The plant will treat approx. 15t biomasses per day and produce 110 KW electricity per hour.

Last news from Bronkhorstspruit Biogas project in South Africa

Udklip 28.11

Click on the picture and see the Progress Video #2 from the site 21-11-2014

P1020101 Aerial BBP 4

Click on picture and see the Progress Video from the site 13-10-2014



Meet our new collegue Jesper Røn

Jesper Røn has been appointed project manager at Combigas and will assume in January 2015.

Jesper has been educated as marine engineer at Up & Toft in Thyborøn in 2008, where he mainly worked with engine and hydraulic applications in the Danish and foreign fish fleet.  Jesper changed job to Hvidesande Skibs- & Bådebyggeri in January 2010. His primary responsibility was engine and hydraulic installations for newly constructed vessels.
In the summer 2011 he started at Aarhus Marine Engineer School, from which he will graduate in January 2015.

Family status: Jesper has been married to Birgitte for 3 years.




New project in South Africa


ComBigaS together with its local partner, Bosch Projects has signed a supply contract and started construction of a 4MW biogas plant in Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa. The plant is scheduled to be launched in April 2015.

The biogas plant will purchase waste from Beefcor, a cattle farm in the area, which is one of the biggest cattle farms in South Africa with 20 000 head of cattle. Furthermore it will process a wide range of industrial biomass, including waste from dairy production, paper mill and vegetable waste. The plant will treat approx. 700t biomasses per day.

The owner of the facility has signed an agreement with the BMW plant on the sale of the electricity produced.

Our biogas plant will become a part of the solution to ensure stable power supply to industry in this part of South Africa.


ESI Africa magazine - latest edition

The 3,3 MW Bronkhorspruit grid connected biogas project, seen as a ground breaking venture in South Africa, has taken 7 years from conseptualisation to realisation. The project is developed by Bio2Watt. Construction of the bioogas plant ( 4,2 MW with possibility to upgrade to 5 MW) is expected to take 9 months and the facility is expected to be operational in the second quarter of 2014. Combigas is supplying the technology for the project that is expected to create 30 direct and indirect jobs.


Read the article HERE



Film about Combigas

During the last 3 years ComBigaS has been involved in the implementation of the biogas project in Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality (RKSK). The result of these efforts was the launch of a Demonstrational Biogas Plant, which we designed in cooperation with our suppliers especially for the RKSK concept.  Now the plant has reached full capacity and works exactly as planned.

In connection with this project we have produced a short film, which we are very proud of.

You can see the film here:



ComBigaS will take part in the construction on Bronkhorstspruit biogas plant in South Africa.


Construction on the Bronkhorstspruit Biogas Plant (BBP) would start in June and be completed in the first quarter of next year, the project developer Bio 2 Watt says.

Founder Sean Thomas told Engineering News Online that the project, with an initial installed capacity of 3 MW, would reach financial close by the end of May and eventually ramp up to a 5 MW capacity.

He explained that the plant would make use of technology supplied by Danish company ComBigaS to generate energy through anaerobic digestion.

Read the article HER

ComBigaS has started cooperation with a french group of companies Kerboas-CDEAI


Since 1976, the Kerboas-CDEAI group proposes reliable and efficient solutions for the present and future activities, secured with reliable and efficient service.

With their 5 agencies they are present close to the customer in the whole of Brittany and the "Pays de Loire". Their team of experts is able to present solutions adapted to the requirements of their customers in the following areas:


Specialists in the irrigation sector for 40 years, the group offers complete turnkey installations (pumping, piping and irrigation machines).


Pumping and treating slurries from the stable to the spreading as well as slurry separation, the customer will find customized solutions complying with his expectations.

Solar Cell Panels

Experts in agricultural buildings, the group offers turnkey solutions for the installation of solar cell panels. Currently 12 hectares of solar cells have been installed in Brittany.


The group accompanies their customers step by step from the planning phase through to the installation and start-up of the plant. After sales services are fast, efficient and reliable due to the strong local presences.


ComBigaS has started cooperation with a South African company "Bosch Projects".


Bosch Projects is at the forefront of developments in the Renewable Energy Sector providing world-class consulting, design and project management services in projects ranging from pre-feasibility studies and design through to commissioning and operations. Having successfully completed projects in over 30 countries worldwide, Bosch Projects has developed a renowned background of innovative solutions in the engineering, project management and equipment design fields. With its solid engineering background and a diverse, multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, Bosch Projects is well placed to provide comprehensive services in the following specialized areas:

  • Energy from waste
  • Cogeneration
  • Biomass-derived energy
  • Biofuels
  • Biogas
  • Hydro power
  • Solar power
  • Wind power
  • Feasibility studies
  • Ethanol distilleries
  • Consulting engineering services
  • Process engineering services
  • Energy and mass balance calculations
  • Project management
  • Operations and maintenance

With their extensive experience across a wide range of engineering disciplines, Bosch Projects is able to provide a complete service to their Clients on a global basis.

ComBigaS newsletter February 2012
You can download our newsletter as PDF file here

18th - 19th January 2012 - ComBigaS participate in Lamma 2012
In cooperation with Hallmark Power, United Kingdom, ComBigaS participated in the large outdoor agricultural exhibition Lamma 2012 in Newark, Nottinghamshire. You can read more about the exhibition here

Lamma 2012